Welcome to Vancouver's alternative business school for social entrepreneurs.

We take an unconventional approach to building businesses.  We focus on you as much as we focus on your idea, and we believe your values should be the backbone of your business.  That's how we're creating sustainable communities and vibrant local economies.

We are a non-profit in the heart of Vancouver supporting the creation of fulfilling employment and social businesses, non-profits and cooperatives by providing space for young ideas and ventures to grow, connect and flourish.

We believe people from all backgrounds can contribute meaningfully to their communities and find purpose in their life through their work.

Our Programs

Whether you're looking for a new path, playing with an idea or have a small social business you want to take to the next level,  our self-employment and social entrepreneurship programs meet you where you're at and give you the confidence, skills, and resources you need to create something new.


You know you were meant to do something more on your life's path, and we want to help you get momentum for the journey.  Start exploring your future and find your next step here.
1 month intensive bootcamp.


Commit to living your purpose: combine your ideas, skills, and desire for social or environmental change to launch a small business with help from our experienced team of mentors. 
5 month program with full time coworking.


Give yourself a better chance of success by testing and refining your new product or service in this unique, risk minimizing lab for early stage social businesses.
10 test market days plus workshops and mentoring.


Whether you’re interested in learning about social enterprise or connecting with creative, heart-centred folks, you'll find space and support as a Groundswell member.
1 year membership includes mentorship, workshops, and social/networking events.

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“Now I’m excited about getting up in the morning. I want to affect change and I feel that my actions are creating something better.  It’s been cool to be part of other Groundswell projects that are younger than us, and to actually be able to help them out. Taking part in building that supportive community feels really good.”

- Chris Nichols, Groundswell alumni and Wood Shop Co-op owner-worker.

Wood Shop is a worker's cooperative that designs and manufactures custom wood furnitures and interiors out of reclaimed materials.  It's a small but influential cog in an engine for social change, battling environmental degradation, growing economic inequality and social dislocation.

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