The team and mentors

Our Social Venture Incubator provides one on one mentorship so you can benefit from years of real lived experience.  Our mentors have founded over 40 social ventures, democratic schools, non profits, cooperatives, social enterprises, education programs, and high tech companies. 

The entrepreneurs and educators in Groundswell's team of instructors and mentors span a wide range of expertise and experience, from social entrepreneurship to community economic development to personal coaching to tech.

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Gilad Babchuk | 25+ years of experience, awarded educator and social entrepreneur | co-founder, mentor, instructor
David LePage | 35+ years of experience, community economic development expert, international leader in the social enterprise sector | mentor, instructor
Paola Qualizza | local economy, social permaculture | managing director
Jim Barker | 35+ years of experience, serial entrepreneur | co-founder, mentor
Iona Fresnoza | social media & communications, fair trade advocate | social media
Chris Nichols | ethics and the economy, cooperatives | instructor
Ran Kohavi | entrepreneur, start-up development, high tech | mentor
Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber | entrepreneur, start-up development | mentor
John Kay | business and management consultant | mentor
Sarah Kristi Lone | operations and community marketplace coordinator

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