Summer 2017...

A Collaborative Marketplace on
Granville Island by Groundswell

In summer 2017, Groundswell is partnering with Granville Island to establish a collaborative public marketplace giving early stage social ventures, makers, artists and service providers a unique opportunity to reach tens of thousands of customers every day, test new ideas, and gain exposure in a creative urban environment.  

This market is built on Groundswell's ethos of a social economy where people - regular folks who we like to call budding entrepreneurs - are creating social and environmental value for their communities by sharing their unique gifts with the world and doing business from the heart.

This is more than just market stands and displays, it's a village experience!

The 2017 Summer Market at a glance:

You can be a part of Vancouver’s first collaborative marketplace:

Get updates on the creative building process for the marketplace, volunteer opportunities, vendor opportunities and related happenings.

Our vision

This is the first stage of our vision for a breakthrough model for a social venture launchpad built on collaborative values.  It will be an ever-renewing public exhibition of young, social start-ups working for communities.  It will be a marketplace for innovation and learning and a hub of the social venture ecosystem in Vancouver and the region.


An economy valuing collaboration over competition where we help each other to build ventures that create sustainable social change and healthy communities.


A space for young people and young ideas to thrive, offering constantly transforming opportunities for meaningful interaction, experiential learning, and a true sense of belonging.


A launchpad that helps anyone find their unique gift and the confidence to create meaningful work for themselves so that they can thrive in their community.

Stay connected and follow the journey!