Check it out Tuesdays all summer long!

What does the Groundswell Community Marketplace mean to you? This Wordle shows the collective answers to this question, collected from Groundswell alumni and other market participants at one of our community meetings. 

Come visit us every Tuesday from June to September between 11 am and 4 pm at Triangle Square on Granville Island (between the Public Market and the Net Loft).  See what a collaborative economy looks like in practice and experience emerging social ventures in their launch phase - you could be someone's first customer!

New!  Social Venture Tours @ the Community Markeplace

Join us for a mini tour of the market, meet the vendors, and learn their stories every Tuesday at 12:30 & 3:00 pm.  RSVP here and see you at the Groundswell tent!


Tours & Workshops

We invite you to come on down to Granville Island and see how we are shaking things up in this innovative landscape. Join us on a tour and you'll discover the story of a new economy and a variety of big hearted vendors who have three things in common:

First, they are all values based businesses, meaning they are making positive social and environmental impact with the life cycle of their products and services.
Second, they are all in this together: the market has been planned, designed, and run by a collective of vendors, including alumni from the Groundswell Social Venture Incubator programand others who have joined our community.
Finally, all the vendors are very early on in their business development. They want to connect with the you and learn how to make the solutions their businesses provide more impactful, and how to make their livelihood more sustainable.

Participate and you could shape the future of the new economy, or be someone's first customer as they strive to do meaningful work that they love! Our goal is to create a more collaborative, eclectic local economy in Vancouver where people come before profit, and where people work together for the common good.

Find out more and sign up here.

Workshops are taking place at the market to exchange skills, learn and connect with people.  These range from fermented beverage how-to's to physical fitness to crafting of all kinds.  
Do you have a workshop that you'd like to put on under our marquee tent?  Contact our Market Coordinator:

Read about our first market day on the blog


The Groundswell Community Marketplace is presented in partnership with:


Groundswell is partnering with Granville Island to establish a collaborative public marketplace giving early stage social ventures, makers, artists and service providers a unique opportunity to reach tens of thousands of customers every day, test new ideas, and gain exposure in a creative urban environment.  

This market is built on Groundswell's ethos of a social economy where people - regular folks who we like to call budding entrepreneurs - are creating social and environmental value for their communities by sharing their unique gifts with the world and doing business from the heart.

This is more than just market stands and displays, it's a village experience!

The 2017 Summer Market at a glance:

You can be a part of Vancouver’s first collaborative marketplace:

Get updates on the creative building process for the marketplace, volunteer opportunities, vendor opportunities and related happenings.

Our vision

This is the first stage of our vision for a breakthrough model for a social venture launchpad built on collaborative values.  It will be an ever-renewing public exhibition of young, social start-ups working for communities.  It will be a marketplace for innovation and learning and a hub of the social venture ecosystem in Vancouver and the region.


An economy valuing collaboration over competition where we help each other to build ventures that create sustainable social change and healthy communities.


A space for young people and young ideas to thrive, offering constantly transforming opportunities for meaningful interaction, experiential learning, and a true sense of belonging.


A launchpad that helps anyone find their unique gift and the confidence to create meaningful work for themselves so that they can thrive in their community.

Stay connected and follow the journey!