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Are you in a time of transition?  We'll help you get unstuck and find your path forward.  In Explore, you will get clear on what you'll need to start creating meaningful work for yourself through self-employment or social entrepreneurship.  

In this one month,  part time intensive program, we'll help you uncover your confidence and kick start the momentum you need to take a serious step towards the future you want for yourself.  We meet you where you're at, and we'll treat you like you're already that best version of yourself, so that you can realize your dreams.  Two workshops streams, Discovery and Habits,  run parallel with guest speakers adding extra value to the program.  Read more below!

Meet our Facilitators

You will be guided by a team of experts in personal development and hands on learning. 

Gilad Babchuk leads EXPLORE's Discovery Workshops to take you deep into your potential and connect you with the opportunities around you that can lead you to building the best version of yourself.  

   Starting a business is the best personal development you can do.  Test the waters in this course to find what you’ve already got within you, so can venture into a new path ahead.     - Gilad Babchuk, Lead Educator

Starting a business is the best personal development you can do.  Test the waters in this course to find what you’ve already got within you, so can venture into a new path ahead.  - Gilad Babchuk, Lead Educator

Gilad has extensive experience establishing, developing and running various organizations, and has founded or co-founded numerous schools, social enterprises and NGOs.  Both an educator and social entrepreneur, he was named one of the 50 most influential people in the field of education in Israel (Ha’aretz, 2009). He consults several international companies and institutions in the fields of e-learning, progressive education, and doing business development for bio-tech company (in India, Germany, Singapore, and Israel).   

At Groundswell, Gilad is highly involved in all aspects of program development, delivery, and mentorship.

David Kohler and Cole Nakatani facilitate the Habits Workshops, an opportunity for creating sustainable changes in your behaviour and empowering you to effectively reach your goals.


David Kohler, Ph.D. 

Empowering people to get how awesome and powerful they are is one of David’s biggest drives in life. He holds a doctorate degree in mathematics and has been teaching this discipline for 15 years. In the past 4 years, he has taken on to expand his education mission and now trains other educators and is also a coach for personal training and development. 

David strongly believes that the time is ripe for a revolution in education and he has received several awards for his innovative teaching methods. His secret power: pushing you just out of your comfort zone without you even noticing it.

Cole Nakatani

Cole has a passion for designing and facilitating transformational learning experiences. He is the founder of Ideahack Creative, an innovative digital services agency. He helped launch two innovative courses for first year students and senior students at UBC, and instructed senior level courses on career fundamentals, and personal and professional development.

As a self-proclaimed ‘education hacker’, Cole has been exploring and testing alternative methods to education and learning that enable post-secondary students, and young professionals to thrive.


Program Content

Kick Off Weekend

You'll begin with an intensive weekend connecting with social entrepreneurs and local change makers, learning about socially-driven initiatives, and examining your own journey and ambitions.

In the Habits Workshops you will:

  • Access to the most recent and cutting edge developments in neuroscience and cognitive psychology without having to immerse yourself in its literature. Theory

  • Engage in research-based tested activities and practices which give you the biggest leverage point to create and maintain new habits. Practice

  • Learn how to bring awareness to unconscious habits and strengthen your willpower, dramatically expanding your abilities to take new actions in your life.  Mindfulness

  • Unearth blindspots and integrate new knowledge with previous beliefs, giving you a brand new look at yourself and your life. Reflection

In the Discovery Workshops you will:

  • Map your lifeline to identify your patterns and triggers for failure and success.

  • Clarify your true strengths and weaknesses, and see which opportunities are in front of you through a personal SWOT analysis.

  • Explore the changing nature of work, your relationship to money, innovation and social entrepreneurship.

  • See where your passions and skills connect with the change you want to make in the world, and explore how you might create your own work from this. 

  • Connect with people just like you who have built their own self-employment or social business venture to learn and grow your network.

2018 Schedule

Program dates: September 14  - October 15 (no Wednesday class on last week)
Kick Off Weekend: September 14 - 15
Regular weekly schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30 - 8:30  pm

Program Cost


The Groundswell Explore and Build programs are designed to fit together. We encourage people interested in Build to take Explore first, and take advantage of tuition savings by putting your entire Explore fees towards Build tuition, up to $950 in savings.

Read more about the Build program here.

Thank you to our funders for subsidizing Groundswell programs!



We've created a microfinancing program with Vancity so that Groundswell program participants and alumni can access up to $50,000 to cover their tuition and start-up costs. 

Read the financing FAQ here.

Big thanks to all our funding partners for subsidizing the cost of Groundswell programs with their generous contributions! 

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