Consciously Cooking Up Entrepreneurship in Cori’s Conscious Kitchen (Now that’s a Mouthful!)

Often times serendipity leads people to Groundswell.  That's the case for current cohort member Cori, who can finally say she's an entrepreneur and who is launching her new raw food business right now!  In this blog you'll get a special treat with the first edition of her Eat This Not That series with a recipe for raw vegan nanaimo bars - a superstar hit at our last potluck!

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The Entrepreneurship Roller-Coaster

Silvia confronts a paradox that's universal to those starting to explore self-employment: should you stick with stability or (ad)venture into entrepreneurship? and offers some tools for reflection to help you at the crossroads.  An especially fitting piece for those of us at the mid-life point!

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Starting Groundswell's Reconciliation Journey

We are challenging ourselves and our peers - you, our fellow changemaking organizations and individuals, many who are in the room tonight - to participate in reconciliation in our daily work.

But what does that look like?

It can seem so abstract in the city, or in reading the academic articles and policy recommendations, so we want to bring it down to a personal level.  Because we, collectively, are shaping this place, by teaching, by building social ventures, by hosting and attending events, and so on.  And on that note, I am humbled and full of anticipation for our next steps because so many of you are here to journey with us....

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The Gift of Social Capital

How many types of capital do you have in your life or business?  Cohort member Trixie Ling counts over eight and shows how they contribute to the richness of her venture, above and beyond merely the financial capital that we are all familiar with in the entrepreneurial scene.

"In the past few months at Groundswell...we have been inspired by the fundamental paradigm shift of thinking and operating in a capitalist economy to a sharing or collaborative economy. One of the biggest shifts is how we view our “capital” and place value on the vast resources and gifts around us."

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From Inside Out

Cohort member Jeremie discovers that helping yourself first is, in fact, the way to find a path towards making an authentic kind of impact, as well as being the best method for dealing with those pesky oxygen masks when they suddenly appear in front of you on an airplane ....

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Advice for Social Entrepreneurs

Inspired by none less than Einstein, a current cohort member applies this inspiration to the realm of social enterprise:

To live a fulfilled life as a social entrepreneur, consider Einstein’s thoughts and start the process from a place of calm and modesty as your heart wrestles with injustice (rest / compassion); find a way (passion); think of creative solutions with trusted counsellors (action); promote the good of the community (mission).

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Natural Systems to Design your Business

What does Mother Nature have to do with business?  Not only you can get inspired and re-energized after a walk in the woods…if you pay careful attention, you’ll see that all what we need is already there!

Cohort member Silvia Di Blasio applies permaculture principles to start-up development and finds wisdom in natural systems. 

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