A Hard Truth to Swallow

We're sharing Groundswell alumnus Conlan Mansfield's latest blog post on handling the totality of your dream: the costs and the benefits, the hardships and the fulfilment.  Find the original post on his ventures's website: Feral Strength and Conditioning.  

The real test isn't whether or not you can handle what you enjoy about your vision - rather, it's can you handle the costs of your vision.

The quality of your life is NOT determined by the quality of your positive experiences, but of your negative ones. And to get good at dealing with those experiences is to truly live your dream and to love your life.

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Top 3 Things I Learned from Organizing an Event

The holiday season's the best time for fun, festive events! This is something Gina knows too well, being a known organizer of get togethers with family and friends.  

Halfway into the Groundswell social venture program, she decided to go out of her comfort zone to plan and bring to life an event for her bigger community: a Craft + Comedy Night in Chilliwack! Read on as she shares the top 3 things she's learned working on her premiere event.

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Why Bother?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had this quiet but firm voice in my head asking why bother.

Why even try and invest myself in a social venture when it’s going to be nestled within tightly framed neo-liberal conditions anyway? I mean, what do we really hope to accomplish?

Cohort member Kim Hamilton reaches out into the Groundswell community to ask four women doing social change work why they bother.  

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Why Your Contribution to Community Matters

The world is becoming increasingly consuming, and often one can feel isolated and overwhelmed at the state of affairs.  Many busy lifestyles incorporate routine to facilitate through hectic schedules and we use digital devices to organize our calendars.  We whip around from point A to point B to reach appointments, classes, meetings, and other commitments.  As we navigate through our lives in this ambitious way, often we wonder:  a) to what extent are we compromising our physical, mental, and emotional health to maintain our lifestyles?  And b) what is the effect on our communities?

Read on as Groundswell V cohort participant Daphne Woo shares her experience and offers some answers on why our contribution to community matters.

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A Taste of Groundswell - An event that amazed all!

Groundswell participant Joel Spooner shares photos and the experience from planning to party of the cohort-organized A Taste of Groundswell event on November 1st.
The task: a new cohort had 6 weeks to create an event together that had a social purpose and paid for itself.  The result: a motley event that brought market vendors and music together for a good time, and a deep learning experience of collaboration and resourcing for this group of budding social entrepreneurs. 

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Introducing Groundswell V: unlikely entrepreneurs unite

With the unlikely support of Winnie the Pooh, Selma writes the first "unlikely entrepreneur" blog post of the season, asking: How on earth are we supposed to get from the realization that business and passion and making the world a better place can (and should) all be combined, to actually walking away in six months as business owners? ... You’re invited to join us for the ride: we will be blogging our progress, thoughts, random experiences, all for your enjoyment (and our process).

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Meet Julie Granhøj: Fieldwork from Copenhagen to Groundswell

Julie is an explorer whose curiosity for people’s stories and journeys never runs dry. Having worked as a facilitator at the Danish Centre for Immigrant Women and the non-profit café Send Flere Krydderier (‘Send More Spices’), Julie is an advocate for more inclusive and nonhomogeneous communities and labour markets. She holds a BA in social anthropology from Copenhagen University, co-edits the Danish Journal of Anthropology and has turned her curiosity and analytical skills into a living as a consultant for the design anthropological firm Antropologerne (‘the Anthropologists’). 

Julie is currently pursuing a MSc in social anthropology and came to Vancouver to contribute to the Groundswell community, do qualitative research for her master’s thesis on social entrepreneurship, and conquer the steep hills of the city on her newly purchased bike.

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